Hunting quiz

Play our fotoquiz and see how many of these 184 species you recognize!
An important skill for any hunter is the ability to recognize wildlife, both flora and fauna. You maybe going duck hunting but only specific species are free to hunt, can you tell them apart?
The farmer on whose land you hunt may ask you to help cull the pigeons near the wheat field, are you going to the barley field instead?

Hunting Fotoquiz

To help you recognize the different species and test your skills you can play out hunting game: the fotoquiz.

It’s a great game to practice with if you are new to hunting or about to hunt a type of species you are not very familiar with.

The fotoquiz contains images of 184 species of plants and animals which are presented to you in random order. Each time  with a random image from the collection. You’ll have your choice of four possible answers. At the end of the quiz you get your score and an overview of your answers.

Good luck!

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