The definition of hunting is ‘killing, or trapping animals; or pursuing or tracking them with the intent of doing so.’
We primarily hunt for two reasons:
Hunting: The harvesting of high quality sustainable ‘biological’ food.
Wildlife management: Managing the balance between human culture and wildlife nature.

Hunting is reconnecting with nature

When you hunt you connect yourself with your surrounding nature. It is a special and deep experience to see the wildlife, see how it lives, choose one, kill it, to take care of the meat, cook it and eat it. It’s the natural cycle of life in its entirety. It gives meaning, insight and satisfaction.
While hunting you work together with farmers, hunters, beaters, dog handlers and nature itself. A rare phenomenon in our urbanized culture where kids think milk and meat are created in factories and bought in supermarkets

Hunting for food

Hunting for food is the classical form of hunting that  most people envision when they hear about it.
Harvesting wildlife for food is usually done during the hunting season, although it is usually a side benefit from wildlife management as well. 
The main purpose is acquiring meat. Wildlife management takes second place here, but is not ignored at all. Sensible requiments limits like a healthy sustainable population apply.
Afterall, do you really think a hunter wants to kill every animal in his field and have nothing to hunt in the years to come? | hunting news, videos, gear and reviews

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