Hunters unite against COVID-19

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“Learn to be indifferent to that which makes no difference” – Marcus Aurelius
This stoic advise from the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius may sound blunt but it helps your ability to think critically and act in a more effective manner.

If something is outside your sphere of influence it it is useless to worry about it. This saves time and energy which you can use to actually make a difference.

As a hunter the prospect of actively make a difference in this pandemic probably interests you a lot.

Continue reading to learn more about an option to find a possible cure for the Coronavirus

How can you make the difference?

Opportunities can be found in unexpected places. Stay alert for handy ways in which you improve the current crisis for yourself and the people around you. As always this starts with the basics:

The basics: prevent the spread of COVID-19

The first and foremost thing you absolutely have to do is prevent the spread of the coronavirus 
Yes, sooner or later we’ll probably all get infected. However, by spreading the chances of getting infected and infecting others we lower the pressure on the medical system.
To us, civilians, it makes no difference what the numbers of infections or deceased are nor the ratio between this. We do not have to focus on that. So don’t worry about the number of infections, focus on what you can do. Such as:
  1. Decrease and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus
  2. Use your time and means to improve the quality of life for yourself and those around you
  3. Improve the chances of the weakest in society
  4. Relieve healthcare professionals 
  5. Relieve people working in essential businesses.
    That includes supermarket employees, truck drivers etc.
So don’t be a covidiot and follow the recommendations of your government. For global information check the site of the World Health Organization.

Put your computers to work: Folding@Home

One of the members of my martial arts group, Sanne, came up with a brilliant idea: Lets all use Folding@home to increase the chances of finding potential cures for COVID-19 and speeding up this process. With Folding@home you use your excess computer power to find potential cures for different diseases such as Alzheimer, Ebola, Cancer and the Coronavirus.
Folding@home prioritizes the Coronavirus. The best thing about this is that it takes very little effort or costs:
  1. You have to install the Folding@home program on your computer
  2. You let your computer run 24/7.
This takes about 15 minutes of your time and a little bit of power every month, so why not?

How does Folding@Home work?

Folding@home is a scientific project that tries to assertain the working of protein. It is a project of the Washington University and located in the St. Louis School of Medicine.
Protein move (fold) in a certain way to do their work in the body. This is a continuous process which sometimes fails. Most of the failures are no problem but sometimes it has negative effects on your health. Based on mathematical models scientists try to attain insight in the movements of protein to find potential medicine. ‘Potential’ because the results have to be studdied more in depth afterwards in scientific trials.
As you can imagen the calculations for these models are extremely heavy and take a lot of computational power. Folding@home uses a gigantic network of private and business computers to speed up these heavy calculations. For comparison it can do in hours what takes hundreds of years for one single pc.
This solution is called distributed computing. By joining you donate computer power that you aren’t using to calculate small parts of these models. Together we are creating a virtual super computer that helps medical science enormously.
Your laptop and pc can participate while you are sleeping or at work.
Your business laptops and computers can participate while you are not at the job.

More information:
  • Folding@home op Facebook
  • Folding@home vs Corona
  • Wikipedia

Hunting enterpreneur, is your staff at home?

This is a huge opportunity for hunting enterpreneurs to aid in this awesome project. While your staff is not in the office computers can still work. They are afterall immune for this virus. Put them to good use by installing Folding@home in ‘Idle only’ mode and leave them on 24/7.
Folding@home only uses extra, unused, computational power. So your you don’t miss out on any capacity needed for your business.
Remember that computers don’t notice if your staff is at home or your business closed temporarily. They will keep on trucking as long as power is supplied.
Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can delegate today! Ask your system administrator to install Folding@home on your computer park and put it to good work.

Installation and activation

  1. Folding@home works on Windows, Apple en Linux computers. 
  2. Download Folding@home
  3. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.
  4. Open the ‘Web Control’
  5. Choose for an anonymous profile or enter an identity to measure your contribution.
  6. Enter team-id ‘246275’
  7. Select ‘Any disease’ at the ‘I support research fighting’

Sooner or later you’ll receive a computation after which your computer starts calculating. The program looks something like this:

Hunters unite in team 'Hunters on the hunt for COVID-19 treatment’

Let’s unite and show are strength by participating in the same team. For this we started team ‘Hunters on the hunt for COVID-19 treatment’ with team-id: 246275.

Rather want to participate in your own team? No problem, go for it!

TL;DR: Just Do It!

Make the difference by:

  • Preventing the spread of the Coronavirus
  • Use Folding@home
  • Actively look for opportunities to use your time and means in solving this crisis.
  • You don’t have to save the world. So think big and small.

Start nearby, help:
Yourself, your family, your friends, healthcare professionals, truck drivers, supermarket staff, whoever else needs, wants and can use your help.

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Let's spread the word and unite against this pandemic.

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