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About Lahoux Optics

Lahoux Optics is the specialist in the field of night vision and thermal vision. The company is the manufacturer and supplier of both night vision and thermal imaging devices. They’ve created a wide range of products from night vision goggles to night vision rifle scope attachments, making them the perfect match to create your next night vision device. Both hunters and law-enforcement agencies use Lahoux Optics to their own specific purposes.

Lahoux Optics residual light amplifiers

Tubes from Photonis, the leading brand in image intensifier tubes, are used in Lahoux Optics’ night vision devices ensuring a bright and clear image of high quality. Lahoux optics’ assortment contains a wide variety of night vision devices from monoculars to rifle scope clip ons and night vision goggles. All devices are waterproof.

Lahoux Optics thermal imaging devices

Besides residual light amplifiers Lahoux Optics also creates thermal imaging devices for hunters and law-enforcement agencies. As always they prioritize quality over quantity which results in durable spotters, scopes and goggles which feature very clear high resolution images. All devices use strong batteries that last for a long time.

Lahoux Optics: a household name for over 25 jaar

Lahoux Optics was created in 1992 and has grown to be a reliable and loved brand amongst hunters. Besides the Dutch market, Lahoux Optics also targets Germany, The United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia. The headquarters is in Haarlem in The Netherlands.

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