Lahoux LG 31

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Information over the Lahoux LG 31

Lahoux LG-31 The Lahoux LG-31 is designed to have thermal vision under the darkest circumstances. It is possible to remotely check average temperatures of industrial equipment and vehicles. It can be used for several observation applications: tactical or military use, wild live research and hunting. The goggle features a shock- and waterproof housing with conveniently placed controls. It is equipped with a video output and a connection for an external power supply. The goggle is available with a 336 x 256 or a 640 x 512 resolution detector and with several manual focusable lenses. The Lahoux LG-31 features 2x and 4x digital zoom. Several display color schemes allows the user to choose the optimum representation in different circumstances. Power supply with four standard AA-size batteries.

Product Specificaties

Optical specifications

Eye Relief25mm25mm
Pixel size1717
Sensitivity<60 mk<50 mk
Display resolution800x600800x600
Video exitsPALPAL
Battery lifetime5-6 hours5-6 hours

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