Lahoux LS 51

€ 11.488,00

Information over the Lahoux LS 51

The Lahoux LS-51 is, for its performance, a compact, light and shock resistant thermal rifle sight that is perfect for aiming, detecting and observing heat sources during any situation. Totally independent of visible light it let’s you see through light smoke, fog and foliage. It has a additional hand strap for when it is used as an observation device. The Lahoux LS-51 gives you a choice of sensors and manually focused lenses. It can be ordered with a state of the art 17µ pixel pitch 640 x 512 thermal sensor giving the user an excellent picture resolution. An Amoled mini high definition colour display provides high contrast and sharp images. There is a choice of reticles available and several different displaying modes. The user can select the mode best suited for the target he is looking at. There is a universal watertight connector for external power, video output and software control. The internal battery pack can be changed easily in total darkness in a matter of seconds.

Product Specificaties

Optical specifications

Eye Relief25-50mm25-50mm25-50mm
Pixel size171717
Sensitivity<60 mk<50 mk<30 mK
Display resolution800x600800x600800x600
Video exitsPALPALPAL
Battery lifetime5-7 hours5-7 hours5-7 hours

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