Lahoux Spotter Standaard

€ 1.713,00

Information over the Lahoux Spotter Standaard

The Lahoux Spotter series are hand-held thermal imagers. The Lahoux Spotter helps you to see what you cannot see in difficult visibility, for example in dense foliage or in darkness. As it is a lightweight and pocketsize camera you can use it to scan vast areas without getting arm fatigue. With its easy and straightforward operation you do not need to carry a manual to be able to use the camera. The following models are available: Lahoux Spotter M Lahoux Spotter Lahoux Spotter Pro Lahoux Spotter Pro + Lahoux Spotter Pro 35 Lahoux Spotter Elite 35 Lahoux Spotter Elite 50 In short: Designed for quick and easy use: switch-on and ready-to-use. Lightweight and pocketsize. Colour display for a better image quality; black hot, white hot and red hot. Internally rechargeable battery with USB cable. Designed for use in the dark.

Product Specificaties

    [0] => Array
            [type] => monoculair
            [resolution] => 300x400
            [pixel_size] => 17
            [sensitivity] => <80 mk
            [magnification] => 
            [f_number] => 
            [eye_relief] => 
            [video_exit] => PAL
            [display_type] => 
            [display_resolution] => 
            [battery] => 
            [battery_lifetime] => 4|7
            [waterproof] => IP66
            [shockproof] => 
            [parallax] => 
            [sku] => 
            [msrp] => 


Optical specifications

Pixel size17
Sensitivity<80 mk
Video exitsPAL
Battery lifetime4-7 hours

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