Lahoux LV 81

€ 3.604,00

Information over the Lahoux LV 81

The new high end front attachment Lahoux LV–81 is designed, produced and assembled in our factory in Haarlem, the Netherlands and excels in precision, robustness and reliability. By installation with an adapter the Lahoux LV–81 can be turned into a front attachment. It can be attached to various kinds of optical devices e.g. binoculars, hunting optics, camera’s or video-recorders. The Lahoux LV–81 has the best optics that are currently available. Uniquely, the aperture is maximized for the full field of view rather than just along the optical axis. The long focal length of 80 mm allows for distant observation and the special AR coating on each lens gives very high transmission values and an unequalled crisp image. For extra robustness all individual lenses are fitted in a shock proof manner. Of course, the LV–81 from Lahoux Optics is equipped with a rugged, shock-resistant Photonis™ intensifier tube and comes with an individual Photonis tube datasheet, guaranteeing the parameters of the image tube. We recommend High FOM, SuperGen™, XD-4™ or XR5™ (also available in Onyx white fosfor). The quick-release adapter that is being used instead of rings ensures quick and easy installation of the Lahoux LV–81 on practically any day scope available. The Lahoux LV–81 is user friendly and is fitted with a weaver rail for an optional laser- or diode- lamp of choice. The chosen CR-123 provides for a long and convenient battery lifetime of up to 85 hours and uniquely can be installed both ways which is a useful feature in the dark. As an extra service we select Photonis tubes into various different categories, according to individual tube parameters and spots. In this way a wider choice becomes available to our customers.

Product Specificaties

    [0] => Array
            [type] => voorzetkijker
            [resolution] => 
            [pixel_size] => 
            [sensitivity] => 
            [magnification] => 1.0
            [f_number] => F/1.55
            [eye_relief] => 
            [video_exit] => 
            [display_type] => 
            [display_resolution] => 
            [battery] => 1x CR-123
            [battery_lifetime] => 40|85
            [waterproof] => IP67
            [shockproof] => 1
            [parallax] => 100
            [sku] => 
            [msrp] => 


Optical specifications

Battery1x CR-123
Battery lifetime40-85 hours

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