Lahoux LVS 7

€ 2.735,00

Information over the Lahoux LVS 7

The Lahoux LVS-7 nightvision goggle The Lahoux L­VS-7 Night Vision Goggle is a robust and dependable lightweight Night Vision System. It still is the standard issue U.S. Army goggle and has proven to be reliable in harsh military service. The Lahoux L­VS-7 comes as a complete kit with a lightweight, fully adjustable head mount that allows for comfortable long-time use. It includes two demist shields, a sacrificial window for the objective lens, lens tissue and neck cord, all put together in a soft carrying case with shoulder strap. The Lahoux L­VS-7 is an excellent choice for outdoor or hunting activities and (special) government use. Features Multi-purpose: Handheld, head-mounted or helmet-mounted Lightweight Equipped with momentary or continuous IR switch Internal low battery and IR indicators Comes in black or desert tan colours Combat proven Waterproof Including two AA batteries Limited two-year warranty

Product Specificaties

    [0] => Array
            [type] => binoculair
            [resolution] => 
            [pixel_size] => 
            [sensitivity] => 
            [magnification] => 1.0
            [f_number] => F/1.2
            [eye_relief] => 
            [video_exit] => 
            [display_type] => 
            [display_resolution] => 
            [battery] => 2x1.5 V AA / 1x3 V BA-5567/U
            [battery_lifetime] => 50
            [waterproof] => IP67
            [shockproof] => 
            [parallax] => 
            [sku] => 
            [msrp] => 


Optical specifications

Battery2x1.5 V AA / 1x3 V BA-5567/U
Battery lifetime50 hours

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